good news – bad news

June 20, 2005 at 8:34 am Leave a comment

ok, so i’ve had a pretty crap day. my car’s auto transmission has died. so i’m in the process of getting a loan and getting a new car. i’ll find out in a few days if i’ve been accepted, then i can go shopping! that is some good news out of some bad news.

ok, so i have been reading the dune series by frank herbert [i’m up to book 4 ‘god emperor of dune’]. As i was reading book 3 ‘children of dune’ i came across a statement which got me thinking. as you may know i am a christian. i am not overly religious [at least to me] but i am completely committed to Christ, and my church.

the statement from the book was thus: [this is The Preacher, speaking to a priest of Muad’Dib]

‘You, Priest in your mufti,’ The Preacher called, ‘you are a chaplain to the self-satisfied. I come not to challenge Muad’Dib but to challenge you! Is your religion real when it costs you nothing and carries no risk? Is your religion real when you fatten upon it? Is your religion real when you commit atrocities in its name? Whence comes your downward degeneration from the original revelation? Answer me, Priest!’

i find this quite challenging. you see, for me my belief can easily cost me nothing, and in my society carries very little risk. I personally don’t fatten upon it, but some might say my church does. and people have certainly committed atrocities in its name. so i guess the question is: is it real? do the actions of men and women affect the reality of God? does by personal struggle with spiritual things possibly indicate that there is no God? i don’t believe so. but i can see why some people might conclude that.

i believe the that my faith can cost me, and carry great risk, if i stepped out of my self-made shell of comfort and familiarity. i just might be able to have a fresh experience of God. faith does not some easily to me. i doubt. i question God’s hand. but i also cannot deny the things about God that i have experienced [and continue to experience]. i am not looking for answers, at least not simplistic ones. i don’t seek comfort or ‘good feelings’. what i seek is the truth. and the faith to adhere to that truth through every storm.

anyway, i guess that’s something… byebye – sye 🙂

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